A couple who grows apart chooses to grow apart. It’s not that you make that choice the minute you say it, you make the choice every day when you’re not working towards the same things.
— Billy & Ashley, I Do We Do podcast

Goal setting didn’t always come easy for us as a couple. But once we did it together, we became unstoppable.

We completed Master’s degrees, earned the job titles we dreamed of, received business & individual awards, and began travelling for leisure at the rate we desired.

And we want all this and more for you & your partner.

The goal of this workbook is to guide you through our 3-step process to visualize dreams, set goals, and achieve success. The workbook includes:

  • Prompts to assist you & your partner in developing a combined “dream list” … you’ll even see a few of our dreams & the inspiration behind them

  • Tips for evaluating dreams and transforming them into goals

  • Our one-page action plan to ensure success with every goal


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Meet Billy & Ashley…

Hi, we’re Billy & Ashley! We consider ourselves the King & Queen of collaboration. Yet, we couldn’t be more opposite. Ashley’s #1 Love Language is physical touch, while Billy scored a zero.

Despite all our differences, we come together to make us a powerhouse team of two and lead epic collaborations including:

  • developing a mentoring program that has been replicated in various schools & cities

  • executing conferences & community events with thousands of attendees

  • and now, empowering couples to be better together with online resources & our I Do, We Do podcast

What we’ve been up to lately…

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