Billy has always had a passion for setting goals and dreaming big. Before he could even write his name, Billy went through his first goal setting program and created a dream list. That dream list grew when he quietly added “meet the woman of my dreams” at 12 years old. Over a decade later, that dream came true when Billy crashed a happy hour among coworkers and met Ashley.

Becoming Bashley

One month after meeting, we went on our first date. Five months of dating passed before we got engaged. One year later, we became Mr. & Mrs. or as many would come to call us... Bashley. Think: Brangelina, Bennifer, and Jelena ...except none of them are together anymore. We may have moved quickly in our relationship, but we knew we were greater than the sum of our parts.

We are at our best when we collaborate. We have separate careers, but bring each other in to the work we do. We set goals together and check on our progress every vacation we take (...and we take a lot). We create community programs & events and reel each other into our philanthropic commitments.

I Do, We Do

You may think we are two peas in a pod, but we couldn't be more opposite. He says “yous,” she says “yall.” We could fill pages and pages of a book with our differences... or a podcast.

We don’t believe that opposites attract. However, we do believe that embracing our differences empowers us to become a killer team of two. The more we work together, the more we understand that when we said, "I Do”... we really said, "We Do."

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Billy Moyer

Billy was born outside Philadelphia before moving to Waco, TX as a kid. This was pre-Chip-and-Joanna-Gaines Waco, so not quite what it is now! Although he always wanted to move back to Philly, he ended up at St. Edward's University in Austin for college.

Upon graduation, Billy simultaneously wrote his first book, enrolled in graduate school, and launched his business, SOS Leadership. As a speaker, author of four books, and consultant, Billy helps others improve their results. He gives of his time to several projects and organizations that empower others to achieve more.

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Likes: Bruce Springsteen, burgers, and Philly sports
Dislikes: heights, bad drivers, and reality tv

StrengthsFinder: Competition, Command, Activator, Focus, Significance
MyersBriggs: INTJ
Enneagram: Type 8

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Ashley Alaniz-Moyer

Ashley is a native Texan who moved to Austin shortly after earning her degree from Texas Christian University. In Austin, her passion for education was reignited by working at and enrolling in an MBA program at Concordia University Texas.

Ashley is passionate about equity in education having worked with various underrepresented student populations. She currently serves as executive director of the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium. Her commitment to the community has been recognized by the Austin Business Journal, Austin Under 40, and Austin Woman Magazine.

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Likes: puzzles, face masks, and 90s boy bands
Dislikes: chocolate, socks, and E.T.

StrengthsFinder: Positivity, Arranger, Includer, Adaptability, Belief
MyersBriggs: ENFP
Enneagram: Type 2w3