Our Whole30 story...

We talk a lot about being better together and how our differences make us stronger. But if we’re being real, when it comes to eating, we have NOT been better together. We each independently have bad eating habits. Those bad habits became terrible habits when we got married and began living together. Insert Whole30.

The 30 day diet really helped kick some of those habits we have had in the last 7 years of marriage.

Our biggest excuse? We were too busy to meal prep and cook. Which was true. We were busy and still are.

But now we've simplified our shopping and cooking. We've embraced our team of two-ness and found each other's strengths when it comes to cooking.

We both still hate meal prepping and leftovers. And speed is key when it comes to meals. Anything that takes more than a half hour is a window for us to retreat back to our old habits.

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