+ Achieve your philanthropic goals

Navigating a new space can be tricky. Whether creating a foundation yourself or engaging a group a young professionals for your organization, let us be your guide during this important process. We use our different skill sets & backgrounds to complement your vision. We will work directly with you to get organized, determine your goals, and achieve results.

With our experience leading strategic planning efforts with both for-profit and non-profits, we determine where your organization is going while developing a plan to get there. Our planning strategy is simple. We focus on execution & results.

Utilize our dynamic team of two for:

  • Creating & managing a philanthropic foundation

  • Developing a young professionals affinity group for your organization

  • Strategic planning for nonprofits and associations

+ Provide an engaging experience

The right speaker should help set the tone for the event, provide relevant content, and most importantly connect with the audience. As speakers, we provide something extremely unique to achieve all of the above. There are two of us.

We are a team that speaks about the importance of team. Our message will focus on working together, even when you are are opposites, like us. We combine your event goals with popular concepts from our I Do, We Do podcast including our collab killers, key insights into leadership, and goal setting.

We deliver messages on:

  • Our Team of Two concept that leads to multiplication is business or in any relationship

  • The importance of seeking to understand the people you work with & embracing differences


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