Q1 Goals Check-In

At the beginning of 2019, we shared our goals for the year over on our I Do, We Do podcast. Since its now April, we thought we would share our progress to these goals. 

Before we jump in to grading ourselves on our progress… let’s do a quick storytime. In December, we went away on a little staycation/retreat and focused in our goals. We laid out some really great plans for our goals. They all had target dates, detailed action items-- so we were ready to rock 2019. 

And we did. For a while… 

Then February 1st rolled around and threw us a major curveball. You can hear all about that (again) over on the podcast

We’re finally picking up steam again in the beginning of Q2, but today we are just focusing on Q1. 

So here goes… 

THEME: Work together on paid projects 

A. Complete 2 philanthropy or consulting projects 
1. Add work with us page to website (Complete) 
2. Reach out to potential clients (In Progress)
3. Schedule prospect meetings (In Progress) 

B. Speak together 4 times 
1. Adding speaking to website (Complete) 
2. Develop signature presentation (Not Started)
3. Develop speaking one sheet (Not Started)
4. Transition speaking sites/profiles to Bashley (In Progress) 
Grade: C- 

THEME: Build an online community of couples who work together 

A. Build social media presence 
1. Post 3-5 times on Instagram, and repurpose for Facebook (On Going) 
2. Consistently have a minimum of 3 stories on IG (On Going) 

B. Grow email list to 1,000 subscribers 
1. Send newsletter emails to subscribers (On Going) 
2. Create content upgrades based on podcast/blog content (On Going) 

Grade: B- 

THEME: Build a library of resources for collaboration 

A. Stay consistent with the podcast 
1. Post weekly 30 min episodes (Ongoing)
2. Shift to couples working together (Ongoing)
3. Increase interview skills (Not Started)
4. Interview couples on monthly basis (Not Started)
5. Be more intentional on promoting podcast (Ongoing) 


B. Blog every week 
1. Secure guest blogger once a month (Not Started)
2. Post every Wednesday (Not Started)


C. Host online course 
1. Determine topic 
2. Research how to launch course 

Grade: Incomplete 

D. Write book together 
1. Determine topic for book 

Grade: Incomplete 

Surprisingly, we did way better than expected. Our strong start in January carried us through our more stagnant February and March. However, we noticed with our big life changes we need to ask ourselves “Is this still important to us?” Stay tuned for some more modified goals! 

Portions of this post is pulled from our Action + Accountability Plan. Grab our template to help you put action to your goals.