Episode 58: Connecting to a City


I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 58: Connecting to a City

We are lucky to live in the great city of Austin, Texas. People often ask us about Austin so we decided to dedicate an episode to the city. But the episode turned into one about how to get connected in a new city after speaking to a friend who is struggling to connect with people after moving away from Austin. This episode more than anything is about connection and moving towards something rather than away from something.

What We Talked About In This Episode:

  • We’ve been wanting to do an episode about Austin because we love our city and people ask us about it all the time

    • We moved to Austin at different times

    • We both found a way to get connected

    • We are not music people or outdoorsy people or ACL or SXSW people

    • We are not your typical weird Austinites, but we love the community here

  • A friend just moved to a new city and is having trouble making friends

    • We talk about how to get acquainted to a new city

  • How we got connected in Austin

    • Moving toward something rather than running away

  • The overall theme of the episode Connection

    • We are need to be in a place where we are connected

    • We don't connect enough with people anymore