Episode 22: We Do Service

Ep 22 Service

I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 22: We Do Service

As Gandhi once said “The best way to lose yourself is in service to others.” Service & community involvement was a way we initially connected in our relationship and continues to be a value we share together. In this episode, we share where our passion for service comes from, what issues we care most about, and how we continue to lean in to leadership roles in our community. Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked about in this Episode:

  • The Where our passion for service comes from

    • For Ashley, volunteer and philanthropy weren't words that were used regularly by her parents but everything was about gratitude

      • Thank you cards for the holidays were written on Christmas Day

      • Her parents helped her understand that there are people who are less fortunate

      • Excess wasn’t a thing, toys & games that were still very loved would be donated

      • In high school, volunteering was a way to get out of the house but she slowly learned in importance

    • For Billy, service was important at an early age came from his mother’s work as a social worker

      • He would work at senior centers with her or deliver Meals on Wheels with parents

      • His Catholic education plays a role in this because the faith is rooted in social justice

  • What issues we are most passionate about

    • We don’t volunteer to just volunteer, we want to make an impact

    • Education & learning is at the center of many of our commitments

    • We love seeing others grow and develop into leaders

  • How service continues to be a way we come together

    • How service initially brought us together

    • How we know when the other person’s skill set is more needed for each of our commitments

  • Our desire to serve on a board together

  • How you should always gain something some service

    • You should be gaining a new relationship, a new perspective, or a positive feeling

  • How we have learned to lean in to leadership roles

    • The key for both of us has been to identifying gaps and filling them

    • Simply showing up shows commitment

    • Being out in the community and understanding other people’s problems