Episode 6: We Do the Whole30 Diet

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we share our Whole30 diet story. We describe what our eating habits were before starting the Whole30 diet, what motivated us to start Whole30 together, and how we made Whole30 work for us.

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What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • Billy gives an overview of what his general eating habits were prior to Whole30

    • Usually no breakfast

    • If has breakfast → Snickers, Red Bull, sometimes a honeybun in replacement of Snickers

    • Rarely eats lunch, tends to be fast food if he does

  • Ashley gives an overview of her eating habits

    • Always ended up getting UberEats rather than eating the lunches she makes

    • Grabbing something quick and on the go, because of “convenience”

      • Poptarts

      • Bagels

      • One of us would come home late from an event and would bring home whatever was from the event or pick up fast food rather than go out to eat or cook from home

  • “Our eating habits is one of the ways we are not better together”

  • July 2nd, 2018: Billy went to the doctor and had a high cholesterol report

  • “You do things for two reasons: to gain a benefit or avoid a loss”

  • Originally, Billy didn’t think there was a benefit that needed to be gained or a loss that needed to be avoided regarding his eating habits until he went to the doctor

  • Billy loves fruits and vegetables, but didn’t eat them a lot before Whole30

  • While on Whole30, Billy started eating foods such as hard boiled eggs and a fruit smoothie for breakfast

  • As a result, he feels much better and longer throughout the day than when he eats Snickers, Red Bull, and/or honeybun for breakfast

  • We didn’t follow the the Whole30 diet book; instead, we networked with friends and followed certain Instagram accounts for motivation

  • “We were leaning too much on excuses for our poor eating habits”

  • “We learned why our poor eating habits formed”

  • We don’t like leftovers

  • We don’t like knowing what we have to eat the next day


    • Collectively lost 20 pounds

    • Estimated savings of $500

    • Billy’s relationship with sodas are done

    • Built new and better eating habits

    • Continuing to follow Whole30 rules in regular diet