Announcing the I Do, We Do podcast

Hey there! Billy and Ashley here. We have some news. No, we are not pregnant. Why does everyone always assume that when a married couple says they have news? 

We are so excited to announce that we have launched a podcast! It is called I Do, We Do with Billy and Ashley and you can listen to podcast to your left. And hey maybe even go to iTunes and subscribe? And give us a 5 star rating? Yea we are those people now! Prepare for lots of shameless promotion.

You may be wondering... Where did this come from? And why in the world should I care about a podcast by you two cool kids? Well...

We have had a great journey in our marriage thus far. So much has happened including:

  • A killer wedding reception with our favorite piano bar

  • Billy getting into a bad car accident and us figuring out together how things would be different

  • Earning graduate degrees

  • Moving on from past friendships and relationships that we out grew

  • Prioritizing travel over home ownership (Vegas is up next!)

  • A new kitty… and countless foster kittens

  • Many job changes (well just one of us, but the other came along every time)

  • Making the decision to share one car (you can totally expect an episode about this!)

  • Moving (in Austin) like 4 times and counting…

  • Tapping each other in when we have need a hand

  • And so much more...

People constantly ask us how and why we do so much together. How can you share a car? Work out of the same office? Support each other on all those side projects? Isn't it hard spending that much time together? Aren't you tired of each other yet? Why don't yall have kids? 

Here's the thing though-- When working together (or collabing), we found ourselves with more energy and enthusiasm in our careers and at home. We knew this was a sign that we were on to something. 

The I Do, We Do podcast will be our place to share our lives with you. We will answer the above questions and many more. We will discuss our good times... And our bad ones too. We will laugh. One of us may cry. We will talk about work. And travel. And just life. 

This will be a bit scary for us. Everything is on the table on this podcast. We are essentially opening up the doors to our home and inviting you in. We hope you will take us up on the invite and we really hope you enjoy the company. We will be out of our comfort zone a bit at times, but we know this will be so much fun because we are doing it together and the one thing we know for sure is that...

We are Better Together!