Episode 1: Introduction to Bashley

Welcome to the I Do, We Do podcast! We are Billy Moyer and Ashley Alaniz-Moyer from Austin, Texas. We have been waiting for months to finally launch this podcast. In this podcast, we chat about our relationship, careers, challenges, and how our many differences complement each other and make us better together. We believe that together, we can always achieve more. When we each say “I do,” we really mean “we do.” 

In our first episode, we introduce ourselves and discuss why we are doing this. We also share more about future shows. View show notes here.

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  • We talk about who we are (what we do, where we're from, where we grew up, what we do for a living, where we went to college, etc.)

  • We talk about how although we have different careers, we find ways to work together all the time

  • “Ashley has opened up my eyes to a lot of things such as equity, education, or things that he may have not understood before such as being a white male of privilege, which made me more aware of the inequities out there.”

  • We share how they may have different personalities, but we get excited about the same things

    • Billy likes to think in logic whereas Ashley tends to be a little more in tuned with emotions and feelings

    • Billy is an introvert and Ashley is an extrovert; We define and clarify what an introvert/extrovert is

  • Opposites complete each other

  • “The fact that you are different means that you need to work to get along, because you can do amazing things together.”


  • Challenges that we face as a couple and how we come together to overcome those challenges

  • Other powerful Teams of Two will be interviewed in some episodes

  • DISC behavior assessment