Episode 27: We Do Accountability

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I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 27: We Do Accountability

We’ve spent the last three episodes talking about our goal setting process and now it’s time to get to the most important part -- ACTION. We’ve given each other permission to hold us accountable to our goals. But to make sure this doesn’t turn into nagging, we have built some structure around how we will hold ourselves & each other accountable to our 2019 goals. We share more about our Action + Accountability plan, our regular check-ins, and structured work sessions. You can grab your own copy of our Action + Accountability Plan at bashleymoyer.com/action.  Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • The key document we created to hold ourselves accountable to our goals

    • In a spreadsheet, we track our goals, start/end dates, who is responsible, and important notes

    • Grab yours at bashleymoyer.com/action

  • How goals and action go hand in hand

    • Action is what makes goals different than resolutions

  • The importance of giving your partner permission to hold you accountable to your goals

    • This isn’t permission to nag!

  • Our two methods for getting stuff done - regular check ins & scheduled work sessions

  • What we talk about in our regular check ins

    • Daily - where we discuss immediate needs & actions, allows us to make sure we working on our goals every single day

    • Weekly - scheduled on calendar, a time to regroup & revisit our Action + Accountability plan and figure out who is working on what for the next week

    • Monthly- where we get a bit more strategical, determine what tweaks (or pivot) we need

    • Quarterly- more of a retreat-like check in, a time to hit the reset button

    • Each check-in we zoom out a bit more and take a look at the big picture

  • Giving you all permission to hold us accountable to our goals

    • Once a quarter, we will come back on the podcast and give you all an update on our progress to our goals

  • Some of our personal tactics to hold ourselves accountable as individuals

    • For Billy, this is a habit tracker or 1-31 tracking list

    • For Ashley, this is worksheets that are personally designed with key questions and reminders