Episode 26: 2019 Planning Retreat

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I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 26: 2019 Planning Retreat

Taking time away to plan for a new year is really important for us. But we understand that not everyone does it! That’s why in this episode, we’re sharing more about our 2019 planning retreat. We explain the decisions leading into us taking time away (versus staying home), our agenda for the 3 days, and how we turned goals into a timeline. It's was a time for us to relax, reflect on 2018, and set our goals and intentions for the new year.  Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked about in this Episode:

Why every set of partners should go on a retreat

  • The prep work required to go on a retreat with your partner

    • The deciding factors that led us to pick Lakeway Resort & Spa for our retreat

    • What made us plan for a three day retreat

    • The homework we gave ourselves

  • Our first night’s agenda

    • Prioritizing our conversation around our marriage, relationship, and personal needs

    • That vulnerability really opens you up for some powerful conversations

    • The one question that set the tone for the next day: Is this podcast a hobby or do we want to build a business? (Spoiler alert: a business)

  • The questions we asked ourselves to move this from hobby to business

    • Identifying who we have connected with the most through this podcast and social media

    • What we want to get out of our business together

  • The need to separate while on a retreat to focus on personal goals

    • You’ll hear how Ashley wanted to start over on her list

  • Coming back together to discuss personal goals and identifying goals that we need to set together to be successful

  • The number of goals we find manageable for a year

  • Moving our goals into action plans