Episode 41: Struggling to Be Our Best Selves

EP 41 - Best Selves

I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 41: Struggling To Be Our Best Selves

We talk a lot about goals, action, and achievement on this podcast. But we are human. There are things that hold us back from being our best selves. Rather than pointing the finger at external obstacles, we are looking inwards and sharing the ways we hold ourselves back. There is lots of vulnerability in this episode. Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • Looking at external factors that gold you back is easy, but it’s hard to look internally

    • The biggest obstacle to every goal is yourself

  • The ways we hold ourselves back

    • For Billy, it is thinking too far in the past

      • He overanalyzes his past actions and their impact on the present

    • For Ashley, it is being too concerned with what others perceive

      • There is an interesting balance of managing credibility and maintaining humility

    • For or us together, it is being too comfortable with one another

      • We fall into our roles and do not challenge ourselves