Episode 42: Our Ego is Showing

EP 42 - Ego

I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 42: Our Ego is Showing

Ego is a dirty little word and we are dedicating an entire podcast episode to it. We recently noticed others disguising their self-serving actions as the acts of a servant leader. We then challenged ourselves to look inward and determine how our egos affects us. In this episode, we discuss the dirty side of our egos, what our ugly egos look like, the ways it affects our relationship, and how it impacts others and our leadership. Plus for some reason, Billy snorts in the middle of this episode. Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • Examples of ego and self-serving leadership

  • The ways ego interferes with our relationship

    • For Billy, its putting himself into every situation and giving advice or a coaching session when Ashley shares a struggle or issue

    • For Ashley, it's an inability to apologize when in the wrong out of fear of looking like the lesser person

  • Why Billy snorts in the middle of a podcast episode

  • How ego disables us as leaders

    • Our shared “my way or the highway” mentality that possible stems from an egotistical view of being the smartest person in the room

    • Reminding ourselves why we are doing what we do

      • For Ashley, is it for praise?

      • For Billy, is it for power?

  • What reality star reminds Ashley of Billy

    • Hint: They have a massive ego