Episode 2: We Do Our DISC Assessments

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we discuss our different styles using our DISC Assessments. We discuss how our differences make us stronger as a couple and make it easier to work together and be successful when we work together. The DISC Assessment measures an individual’s work style. It looks at how you act, how you get results, how you communicate, etc.

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  • D – Dominant, I – Influencing, S - Steadiness, C – Compliance

  • We go through the first couple of pages of our DISC reports and exchange which information was spot-on accurate about each other and elaborate by providing specific examples

  • We look at the ways we should communicate with each other (i.e. Ashley likes to talk for social purposes, whereas Billy likes to “stick to business—let him decide if he wants to talk socially.”)

  • “I think we both feel anger equally, but I think we express it in different ways.” (i.e. raising your voice, or cry privately to self)

  • Discussed ways NOT to communicate with each other

    • Billy doesn’t like being told what to do

  • We talk a lot about how the DISC Assessment kind of highlights our differences when looking at each other’s styles

  • “Opposites don’t attract, but they complete each other”

  • “Conflict arises when values and motivators (how or what motivates an individual) differ between two people”

  • “We use our differences to be effective and better together.”