Episode 32: Enneagram Pt. II

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I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 32: Enneagram Pt II

We’re revisiting the Enneagram! The ever popular Enneagram is back on our minds but we’re focusing on what it's like to work with a Type 8 (Billy) and a Type 2 (Ashley). We talk through a few characteristics typical of a Type 8 (The Challenger) & Type 2 (The Helper), how they relate to each of us, and how we work around these traits and embrace them to be a powerhouse team of two. Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • A recap on our enneagram types

    • Billy is a Type 8: The Challenger

    • Ashley is a Type 2: The Helper

    • These types are more similar than they seem both desire impact & influence but have different ways about achieving it

      • Type 8 is direct and results oriented

      • Type 2 is people-oriented and altruistic

  • Type 2 is nicknamed The Helper and it couldn’t describe Ashley more perfectly. She has built her career on helping others and takes this on in her personal life too.

  • Type 8 loves to challenges but loves to give other the opportunity to be challenged and convinces others to take on challenges

    • Ashley often tells Billy when she convincible

    • When we started this podcast, Billy always asked “What’s the end result?” to which Ashley responded “Just to have fun.” Later, he convinced her to start business which they officially started in February 2019.

  • Type 2 can be seen as a fairy-godmother

    • Unknowingly, Ashley often jokes about being a fairy godmother to the many scholarship recipients of the non-profit she runs

    • How Ashley needs a wand

  • Type 8s love control and hate being controlled, which completely describes Billy

    • Even physically, Billy hates certain positions when cuddling because he doesn’t have control of his body

    • Ashley had difficulty working with this when before she was always the one who was forced to make plans

      • She doesn’t desire control, but likes to fill needs and help others

  • Type 2s are empathetic and are in tune to others, Type 8s like results and often loses emotional contact

    • Billy doesn’t walk into situations wanting to make friends, but recognizes that others might & that’s where Ashley’s skillset shines

    • Ashley often serves as a consultant for Billy when communicating emotions with others

  • Type 2s help others so much, it often is to the detriment of their own health

    • When Ashley gets tired or stressed, her emotions come out. Billy then asks himself, “What can I do for Ashley to help her, so she’s not always being the helper?”