Episode 11: We Do the Enneagram

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we discuss our Enneagram personality types. We aren’t too familiar with this test, but so many people have been asking us what our Enneagram types are so we thought we would give it a try. We have different Enneagram types. Shocking, right? In this episode, we each share the strengths and weaknesses that our types bring to the table. We reflect and evaluate how accurate/inaccurate the characteristics of our types are and we get a little vulnerable. Our types complement each other and confirm that we really are better together.

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What We Talked About in this Episode:

We each discuss the general strengths and weaknesses of our Enneagram Types

  • Billy is a Type 8 (The Challenger)

    • “the powerful, dominating type: self-confident, decisive, willful and confrontational”

    • strong, assertive, resourceful, independent, determined, action-oriented, pragmatic, competitive, straight-talking, shrewd, and insistent

    • 8s love to challenge norms and people

    • 8s take on big challenges to see if they can pull off the impossible or turn a hopeless cause into a great success. 8s believe that they can fix everything

      • “People cannot be fixed. You don’t fix people. You can fix dogs.”

    • can be too controlling

  • Ashley is a Type 2 (The Helper)

    • “the caring, interpersonal type: generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing, and possessive”

    • Types 2s exemplify the desire to feel loved, to connect with others in a heartfelt way, and to be a source of benevolence and love in our world

    • Types 2s are the easily the most people-oriented of the enneagram

    • Type 2s want to share the good in their lives and genuinely enjoy supporting others through the attention and care

    • 2s can be clingy, worrisome, insincere, and possessive

    • 2s can get into denial about the extent of their own needs while insisting that their only concern is taking care of others

    • 2s tend to take care of others too much that they can sometimes forget to take care of themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally

    • 2s want to have a unique place in others lives and know privileged information about others that no one else know. 2s want to be regarded as others’ best friends

  • We each share and discuss our “hidden side” of our enneagram types

  • Types 8s are “affected by the reactions that those closest to them far more than what they want to lead on. They often expect that others will dislike or reject them and so they are profoundly touched sentimentally when they feel like someone they care about truly understands them and loves them.”

    1. Types 2s appear to feel at ease with others and to be a source of emotional sustenance for the people in their lives, but they themselves also suffer from well hidden feelings of rejection. 2s want or expect a thank you in return when supporting or helping others

  • We talk about how the type 8 and type 2 work together in a relationship

    • Billy likes to get results through people and Ashley likes to get results with people

  • we both are action-oriented

    1. we both want a personal impact on our environment

    2. we both like results, but we like seeing it in different ways

    3. 8s often bask in the glow of 2s affection and 2s truly enjoy 8s strengths and efforts

  • We discuss the trouble spots that our enneagram types bring in a relationship

  • Billy mentions that 8s “act out difficult psychological issues, rages, binges, and/or performs acts of revenge”

    1. Ashley mentions that 2s can be “hovering around and not giving the other adequate space.” 2s expect their partner to do a lot of mind-reading for whenever they feel upset rather than just explicitly tell their partner that they are upset

  • Enneagram: to work with your significant other or to learn how to better communicate with each other

  • DISC: to help know the people you’ll work with on a team in a business setting

  • Myers-Briggs: for personality assessment