Episode 20: How We Travel

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I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 20: How We Travel

We’re coming to you from Philadelphia this week! We love traveling together. This is our 11th trip of 2019 and we still have one to go (Hawaii you’re next!). We often get asked… “How do you all travel so much?”. On this week’s episode, we are sharing our travel tips from where we book flights, to our favorite airlines, and what we do in a new city.  Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked about in this Episode:

All the things you can do in Billy’s favorite city… Philadelphia, where this episode was recorded

  • How our dream list DOES NOT shape our travel plans for a year

    • Our travel picks us,  based on deals and cheap flights

  • The three places we go to every year

  • Our favorite websites and apps for finding great deals

    • Escape ATX and Cheap DFW, there are sister sites for other cities

    • Kayak app, explore map and what places are affordable

    • Hopper app, to monitor flights and the best time book

  • The two airlines we try to book all flights on maximize points

    • Southwest Airlines is our BFF

    • American is a favorite too

  • How we spend on time when we travel

    • We kick off trips by asking for recommendations on Facebook

    • We don’t pre-pick a lot of restaurants

      • Food/restaurants dictate our schedule

    • We love to wander around cities and explore neighborhood

    • Relaxing! Especially at a spa

      • Strive to come back energized and ready to return home

    • Stay up to date on work