Episode 19: We Do Gratitudes

EP19 Gratitudes.png

I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 19: We Do Gratitudes

It’s turkey-time. The Thanksgiving holiday has us reflecting on 2018 and all that we are thankful for this year. We start off by saying what we are thankful for in each other and in our relationship. As we move on to other things, you’ll hear some more of our shared gratitudes. We believe that leaders must have an attitude of gratitude and we try to model that in this episode. Be sure to count your blessings this year! Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked about in this Episode:

  • What we are grateful for in our relationship

    • Ashley is grateful for Billy constantly promoting and recognizing accomplishments aka being her Director of PR

    • Billy is thankful for Ashley’s empathy and desire to understand others, it encourages Billy to do the same

    • Ashley is thankful for Billy’s help and support with her sister’s upcoming wedding

    • Billy is grateful for for Ashley calling him in his BS and balancing him out

    • Ashley is grateful for Billy being a good spirit about her annoying habits, like forgetfulness

    • Billy is thankful for Ashley working with him on his lack of intimacy

    • Ashley is grateful for Billy always being a driver, and Billy is thankful for Ashley embracing it

      • We would not have our podcast without Billy’s little push

  • Other gratitudes

    • Our parents, they truly are our best friends!

    • Other family relationships improving

    • Healthier eating habits thanks to doing the Whole30 diet

      • Helped us knock some bad habits, and eat a little better

    • Our travels, especially the FOUR trips we got to do this year with family

    • Careers we love and are deeply passionate about

    • Billy is forever thankful for the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl

      • Also, the maturity in our relationship that allowed Billy to go, and Ashley to stay home

    • and immensely thankful to all of you, our listeners!!