Episode 17: We Do Love Languages

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I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 17: We Do Love Languages

To celebrate our 7th anniversary, we dig into the results of our love languages assessment. In the Gary Chapman book, The 5 Love Languages describes the ways people speak and understand emotional love. We talk through our top languages (and least prominent languages) and laugh through our discussion of examples we find in our relationship. Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked about in this Episode:

  • We wish each other a Happy Anniversary

    • We’re celebrating seven years at the the release of this episode

  • We dive into The 5 Love Languages

    • Free assessment

    • Gary Chapman book

  • Billy’s top love language: Acts of Service

    • He scored a 9 out of 12

    • How Billy shows love this way

    • Billy recognizes ways Ashley does this, that really appreciates

  • Ashley’s top love language: Physical Touch

    • She scored a 12 of 12, meanwhile Billy scored a 0

    • Ways this is shown in our relationship

      • our bedtime routine

      • walking together

      • “redoing” hugs and kisses

  • What love language is both our #2

  • Our 5th (and lowest) love language