Episode 18: Stepping Up and Leaning In

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I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 18: Stepping Up and Leaning In

We’re getting vulnerable as we discuss our struggles to see ourselves as the leaders as others see us. Billy first struggled with identity when he started his business and hired his dad (who he also shares a name with!). Ashley’s struggle with identity came when we first got married. We now embrace our roles as leaders in our community but have moments of weakness when Imposter Syndrome sneaks in. We share the ways we have overcome this and how we continue to step up/lean in as leaders. Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked about in this Episode:

How Ashley struggled with identity early in our relationship

  • Ashley moved to Austin, TX for Billy and early on was being introduced or recognized by others as Billy’s significant other

    1. Billy didn’t always understand but encouraged her to get out and create her own identity

    2. Through new jobs, Ashley found more of her identity because they pushed her out in the Austin community

  • Billy reflects on similar situations with struggling with identity

  • When he started his business, he sold his dad to clients and hid behind him

    1. On the rare occasion they work with clients together now, Billy still defers to his dad despite both being seen as leadership experts

    2. Also, as the youngest of 4 siblings Billy often had to live up to great expectations from teachers

    3. The comparisons served as motivation to be his best unique self

  • How Imposter Syndrome snuck in years later for Ashley

  • Ashley struggled with accepting public recognition for her leadership in Austin

    1. It was hard to hear encouragement from her mom and Billy, but a colleague motivated her to think “if you aren’t recognizing yourself as a leader, what is the example you are setting for everyone else who looks up to you?”

  • Billy’s turning point in his leadership journey

  • At a young age, Billy was asked to put together a board of young professionals for a local university

    1. Now thinks back, and says “Ok, he believed in me, that means I can handle pretty much anything”

  • How leaders need to continue to step up

  • Embrace the leadership roles others put you in

    1. Recognize the voices that are missing from the conversation and invite them in

    2. As leaders, we need to build up other leaders

    3. Stop finding reasons to say no, and just say YES