Episode 15: The Time Management Myth

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I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 15: The Time Management Myth

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we are talking all things time management! Or really self-management because time is finite and can’t be managed. For us, and many millennials, there is no work/life balance - the lines between the two are blurred. We share the many ways we blur the lines and how we manage to stay organized. Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • Time management myth

    • There is no such thing as time management

    • Time is finite, so it is impossible to manage

    • But we can manage ourselves

  • Millennials and work/life balance

    • Our generation (Millennials) is blurring the lines between the two

    • Work life and personal life are intertwined

    • How technology plays a (positive) role in this

  • The different ways work and life are integrated for us

      • Working from home

      • Our podcast

      • Ashley’s sister - at one point she was a sister, an employee, AND a roommate

      • Our social life!

      • Our travels

  • How do we manage ourselves?

    • Ashley utilizes

      • Her bullet journal helps keep everything organized in one place

      • Time blocking creates more hours in the day by m

    • Billy utilizes

      • A written planner, more recently the macbook stickies

    • Together we use

      • Google

        • We share our Google calendars

        • Google Drive allows us to access documents from any computer, or mobile device

      • Actual face to face communication

    • We are going into further detail over on our blog

      • Check out Our Morning Routines