Episode 14: Becoming Bashley - Our Jobs

I DO, WE DO - EPISODE 14: Becoming Bashley - Careers

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we go waaaay back! We talk about how our nickname, Bashley came to be. Then we chat about how we each made our first dollar. Spoiler alert… We made our first buck in way different ways. Ashley babysat and Billy was a professional speaker (at 7!). We discuss the rest of the jobs we each have had over our lives and get all the way to the present. We also share some lessons learned from all those jobs. Music “Sunny” by Bensound.com.

What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • We each share how we made our first dollar, essentially what our first jobs were.

    • Billy was actually a professional speaker. He made his first speech at 7 and made $20. He then spoke throughout his entire childhood well into college earning money for most of those speeches. He learned a ton from this experience.

    • Ashley started babysitting at 12 and continued into college. This is how she made the most money before getting her first jobs out of college. She learn a lot of teaching through this experience and it confirmed her passion for youth and education.

Ashley’s Job History

  • Babysitting - Age 12-23

  • A brief 2 week stint in retail in high school - listen to the episode in for this story!

  • Four internships in college including one with TCU Athletics working in media and marketing. The others we in non-profits which helped groom her for her career.

  • First job out of college was at Big Brothers Big Sisters as a Programs and Events Specialist. This was as an Americorps Vista and it was a 12 month commitment.

  • She moved to Austin after this position ended for Billy and her official career in education began.

  • She worked in Admissions at Concordia University Texas.

  • She then moved on to Fundraising and Development at San Juan Diego Catholic High School.

  • She wrapped up her MBA and switched jobs again staying in Development this time at the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium (her current employer).

  • She was then named Executive Director and still holds that role.

Billy’s Job History

  • Professional Speaker - Age 7 to present

  • Target - Age 17 (seasonal position) - He learned about collaboration and also became quite frustrated in this brief role.

  • Meals on Wheels - Age 18-19 - He worked as an Assessor going into the homes of elderly making sure they were still eligible for meals. He created a simpler system that allowed him to spend less time on paperwork and more time with people. His mom worked at Meals on Wheels for 20+ years. This role continued to build his heart for service.

  • Student Worker - Age 19-20 - He did admin work in the School of Humanities at St. Edward’s University. He shared an interesting story about how this position ended.

  • Assistant Publicist - Age 21 - Worked for a book publicity company and learned how to promote authors. This helped him with his own books. He also booked an interview with the New York Times for an author which no other intern ever really did.

  • Home Depot - Age 20-21 - Worked as a Cashier and won Cashier of the Month. Learn a lot about how many people did not take work seriously. Turned down a promotion.

  • Promotions Associate for promotions company working with brands like Starbucks - Age 21

  • Marketing Manager - Age 21 - Managed marketing and publicity for new author and for a leadership development company.

  • At 21 in his last semester of college he started SOS Leadership, his current company and they have been going strong ever since. The continue to evolve and recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. SOS helps companies get better results through people.