Episode 10: We Do Networking

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we dig into the important topic of networking. We have networked our way to success in our careers and we share more about how, why and where we network. We have different networking styles and we discuss how we use those styles to our advantage, including tips for introverts and extroverts. We have learned that we are more successful when we work together in networking, as always we are better together.

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What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • We share a great 5 star review from a listener: “If you are wanting some advice on how to work with someone who’s the complete opposite of you-whether it be in a relationship, a working relationship, a group project, ect.--- then this is the podcast for you, because Billy and Ashley share how they work together everyday despite their difference in terms of personality, lifestyle, jobs, and the fact that they share one car.”

  • Networking is not just about self-promotion even though we joked about that. It is about connecting with people

  • When we network together, we often divide and conquer

    • A recent example is when at an event Billy was talking to someone and Ashley to someone else and Billy knew the person he was talking to needed to meet Ashley so he made the connection

    • We use our different styles to our advantage when networking together

  • Billy shared his rules on successful networking as an introvert

    • Get there early, look for open conversations, sit down, have a plan

    • Invite people to coffee, where you excel better one on one

    • Less is more

  • Getting to events early is one area where we disagree and sometimes have conflict

    • Billy needs to get places early and Ashley doesn’t always place a high value on it

    • Communication, patience and acceptance is key here

  • Ashley shares some thoughts on networking from an extrovert

    • Slow down - She often tries to do too much, to talk to too many people - she gets too excited!

    • Remind yourself to listen - If you are dominating conversations you are not networking successfully

    • Ask questions - Allow people to talk about themselves by asking them questions

  • Where we network - Finding like-minded people is key, but you also should challenge yourself

    • Alumni groups - TCU Alumni for Ashley, St. Edward’s Alumni for Billy - this is an easy place to network with like minded people

    • Professional associations - There are associations for everything!

    • Chambers - Billy and Ashley are both a part of the Austin Young Chamber

    • Ubers!!

    • Everywhere

  • Use technology for follow-up not to network

  • Networking has helped us build successful careers and become active in the community

    • Billy built his entire business through networking

    • We have both gotten business, sponsors and community involvement opportunities from networking

  • We love building relationships with people and we love it even more when we are doing it together. We are better together!

  • Remember that connection is key and networking is not about you, it’s about helping other people accomplish their goals!