Episode 8: Power Couples Redefined

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we try to redefine the phrase “Power Couples.” This has been used in the past by others to describe us, but we aren’t that comfortable with the label. We are trying to redefine Power Couples because we aren’t in love with the word “power” and we don’t like that people too often consider them perfect relationships. We chat about how we have worked to become a Powerhouse Team of Two who embraces our differences to be better together.

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What We Talked About in this Episode:

  • People have referred to us as a Power Couple in the past, but we don’t love the label

    • Power seems like a word for a dictator or for Frank Underwood on House of Cards

    • Celebrities are more often considered Power Couples and sometimes it refers to a perfect relationship which is something we don’t like

      • Michelle and Barack Obama are the ultimate Power Couple

    • It’s truest definition is - a couple consisting of two people who are each successful

    • We started to embrace the label a bit when a friend of us reminded us of the positive influence that could come from the label

  • We prefer Powerhouse Team of Two

    • This is a phrase we have coined because although we are each successful independent of each other, we are way better together

      • As a Team of Two, Billy handle the details, Ashley sometimes handles the fun…Billy helps Ashley tighten up, Ashley helps Billy lighten up

    • We choose to come together on projects and we are able to get amazing results

    • A Team of Two is two different people coming together to achieve more

      • Doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship - Billy teaches his clients about how to become an effective Team of Two

      • In a Team of Two 1+1 no longer equals 2, it equals 3 - It creates a multiplier

    • Diversity is so important in our world today, success comes when you have DIFFERENT people working together - All of the SAME people working together leads to poor results and not much fun

  • A few things we do to be a Powerhouse Team of Two - “Our house is a whole lot more powerful with the two of us in it”

    • We do goals check-ins often to ensure we are working towards what we want to achieve together

      • “You should really try to have goals check-ins with your partner…whether it’s your married partner or your partner at work, or whoever it is, how often are you checking in on the goals that you have?”

    • We constantly communicate with each to ensure we are not off track, to brainstorm ideas and most importantly to problem solve

    • We fully support each other and embrace each others individualism

  • In our next episode, we will look at some of our favorite Powerhouse Teams of Two