Episode 9: Powerhouse Teams of Two

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we share three celebrity Powerhouse Teams of Two who we admire. Two of the three duos we profile show our differences and the other is one we both totally agree on. These three couples can definitely be considered power couples in the old definition, but we believe they fall into the label we prefer, Powerhouse Teams of Two.

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What We Talked About in this Episode:

In our last episode we redefined the phrase Power Couple and shared the phrase we prefer Powerhouse Team of Two

  • The ultimate team of two is Michelle and Barack Obama

  • But we save talking about them in detail for a future episode

Ashley shares the first celebrity couple we admire, The Carters - Beyonce and Jay Z

  • They are a great example of the original definition of a Power Couple as they are both independently successful

  • They have chosen to live their lives together and are proving to be even better together

  • They have worked through challenges

  • We believe they have similar styles and/or personalities

Billy shares the next duo - Julie and Zach Ertz

  • Julie Ertz is a professional soccer player and Zach plays football of the Philadelphia Eagles

  • They met in college and are both successful independent from each other but they are coming together more and more

  • Julie had a moment go viral when she found out Zach was going to the Super Bowl after her own soccer match - This was the ultimate sign of support

  • Supporting each other is so important in a relationship, you cannot collaborate without first support the other person

Billy picks athletes and Ashley picks musicians - this is a big difference for us

The last couple we chat about is one we totally agree on - Chip and Joanna Gaines

  • Billy grew up in Waco and has seen how Chip and Joanna have transformed the city - People now are visiting Waco and moving to Waco

  • Chip and Joanna are like peanut butter and jelly - They seem to be opposites like us who fill in each other’s gaps

  • Chip is a dreamer, Joanna is more detailed

  • Joanna is creative and Chip makes her creations a reality

  • They bring out the best in each other